Shannon Fine Jewelry in Houston & The Woodlands SINCE 1978


In 1978, fresh out of the Army, Gary Zoet began his career in the jewelry industry as an apprentice at Corrigan’s Jewelers in Greenspoint Mall. He fell in love with the work and several years later launched his own business, borrowing $5,000 from a friend for essential supplies. The name of his new company, Arbar-K, was inspired by a friend’s ranch, RK. Adding the ‘A’ ensured his company would be listed first in the phonebook. (Savvy marketing for the 1970’s, if you ask us)!

Gary moved to FM 1960 and Red Oak Drive to get the space required for his trade work with a smaller area allotted for retail. Short on expansion funds, Gary built his own workbenches and bought two small showcases. Six weeks after opening, he experienced an unexpected setback when his two major accounts changed their repair procedures and began using in-store jewelers. With nothing but mounting bills, Gary hit the streets searching for new business, quickly winning contracts all around the metro area. Soon, Arbar-K became the largest trade shop in Houston.


In 1989, after 10 years at the Red Oak location, Gary moved to a larger storefront at Wunderlich and FM 1960 in 1989. Gary saw this transition as an opportunity to create a new identity, and officially changed the name of his retail business from Arbar-K to Shannon Fine Jewelry after his daughter, Shannon.


In 1998, Gary decided to add a more robust retail component to his business. Everything came together beautifully when he met and established a partnership with John Wren to create what would become one of the finest jewelry retailers in the Houston area. — John was looking for ownership in a company, and Gary was looking for someone with proven expertise in the jewelry retail business. Since then, John has handled retailing and merchandising, while Gary has overseen the repair and financial side of the business.


In 2005, Gary and John bought a small jewelry store in the Woodlands off Sawdust Road. After three years, they again moved and expanded that location to their current Lake Woodlands location.


Meanwhile, back at the Wunderlich store, business was booming. John, ever the visionary, knew it was a great time for further growth. After careful deliberation, the pair purchased the current location of Shannon’s Champion’s store in 2012. This gave them the opportunity to design a new retail and repair facility the way they had always imagined.


Shannon Fine Jewelry is our favorite rags to riches story. From meager beginnings came great reward! Shannon’s is now able to serve their customers better than ever, just as Gary and John have always envisioned. Our 7,300 square foot retail location in North Houston is home to one of the largest collections of engagement rings and loose diamonds in the state. We have one of only 25 Breitling boutiques in the country–and are proud to feature our newest addition, the Omega watch collection. With our unmatched inventory and strong dedication to outstanding customer service, we plan to grow and thrive for many years to come.