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what our customers say…

Priscilla Oberton

“I have known Gary for over 35 years since he was located on 1960 and Red Oak. He has made several custom pieces of jewelry for me. There are many memorable stories through the years. This particular story is one we laugh about often. In early 1998, I purchased a diamond necklace and diamond bracelet. Gary and I made a special arrangement for me to place the items on layaway. So one day, I received a call at work from John. He was calling to remind me of my layaway. I did not appreciate the call, and made it clear to John that Gary and I had an arrangement. To say the least, a couple of days later, feeling humiliated, I paid up and got my layaway out. John and I laugh about it all the time. Through the years, I have purchased many beautiful pieces of jewelry through the layaway plan because they know I am a good and loyal customer of Shannon Fine Jewelry. I have referred my family and friends to shop at Shannon’s. I need to win the contest to pay on my present lay away!

Happy 35th Anniversary to all my friends at Shannon’s!”

Mike & Nancy

“My Shannon Story started over 17 years ago. I had a ring that I wanted to redo and went to another well known jeweler in the area. When I heard how much they wanted to charge me for my “redo” I went to Shannon’s for a 2nd opinion. Now mind you, the other jeweler had fancy fixtures and Shannon’s, well, let’s say the red carpet was well worn. Shannon’s came in with half the price to redo my ring, and our relationship began.

Fast forward over many years, and they have helped us celebrate many a milestone in our house: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, just because, and recently the engagement & wedding of my oldest son. Claude modified an engagement ring setting to include 2 diamonds from my daughter-in-law’s Mom and Grandmother. My mother’s engagement diamond was the main center stone. He also set a “surprise” diamond from my DIL’s Mom underneath. What a family heirloom they created!

I also have a pair of hoop earrings that were created from an old diamond tennis bracelet. This was the last piece of jewelry Chris Jock helped create for me before he passed away, and I think of him every time I put on those earrings. And finally, as Shannon’s is celebrating their 35th Anniversary, so are my husband & I. Of course, my 35th Anniversary ring from Shannon’s is stunning.

So Shannon Fine Jewelry, here’s to many more years that Mike & I will celebrate along with you. Cheers!!”

Carol Ann & Rick Kovacich

“Our Shannon Fine Jewelry story began twelve years ago when we moved to the Woodlands area. We quickly learned from our friends and neighbors that Shannon Fine Jewelry was THE place to go to find that special something for all occasions. So we visited the store and found something lovely to commemorate our move–it was a beautiful pearl and diamond ring for Carol and a watch for Rick. Those are still very special reminders of our move! Since then, Shannon Fine Jewelry has continued to be our place to find those special pieces that mark life’s journey and treasured moments.

One very special occasion was our 25th wedding anniversary, and of course, we chose something lovely from Shannon Fine Jewelry. It was at the Champions location that we found and fell in love with a stunning cushion-cut, colorless diamond ring and knew that it was the perfect expression of our love and lives together. That same day, Rick chose a beautiful men’s platinum and diamond wedding band to replace the one he had lost years before. What a special day that was!! Those rings are truly treasured pieces that remind us every day of our commitment and love.

From those 25th wedding anniversary rings to the kids graduations, birthdays and special events year-round, all the beautiful jewels from Shannon Fine Jewelry that mark those special times will become treasured pieces of love to pass down for generations!

Thank you Shannon Fine Jewelry and all of the wonderful staff we’ve come to know so well. You are so much more than a jewelry store…but rather a true jewel in the community!”

Dale & Pat Klausman

“Congratulations on 35 years of success in the 1960 area! Our first experience was 27 years ago when we had my wedding ring made by Gary. Later, my husband inherited a diamond cocktail ring from his mother. Gary made a diamond pinky ring from it and my husband was very satisfied.

Since that time, we have made Shannon’s our number one go to store for purchases, repairs, and suggestions!”

Cerise Arbour

“I have always, I mean always, since I was a little girl, been fascinated with jewels, the art of jewelry and its creation.

The consignment case at Shannon’s is extraordinary! It is a treasure trove of stories. When I glance into those cases, I think about each piece’s history, its tale of how it came to be, and who it was purchased for. I consider the lovely pieces I’ve seen through the years and wonder what that husband, lover, friend, or father was thinking when he presented such a gift.

I have a real passion for the lovely gems the earth and oceans yield and to the skilled dreamers and designers who put them together for our enjoyment. My husband told me, “Honey, if you win I know that is just a down payment on something. I know you.” After 30 years, he finally knows me!

To close this story, my experiences with Shannon’s over many years has been welcoming and satisfying. For Mother’s Day my husband took me in to buy the Bellari piece with matching earrings that I had been eyeing for some time! I felt like the luckiest woman in the world! The day my husband bought it, we brought it home and my best friend came over. I demanded she try it on and it looked so beautiful on her that she wore it the whole day just so I could look at it. It was probably one of the best days ever I spent with my friend. We shared many laughs and lots of stories. She was so grateful to wear something so lovely even though it was only for a day. Her smile will remain in my heart forever.

Thank you Shannon’s for making my life more beautiful than ever.”

B. J. Renshaw

“My story with Shannon’s goes back to when they first began their business in the original location. I met Jon and Gary, the owners of Shannon Fine Jewelry. They both play an active role in overseeing how their business will reach out to the customers, and do their best to accommodate, provide, advise, and assist in answering questions that may arise.

It has been a real pleasure doing business through the years. I have found Shannon’s to be honest, reliable, and trustworthy, as well as friendly and helpful. I have needed my jewelry store to repair broken items, replace batteries, create jewelry I’ve dreamed in my mind, clean rings, re-white gold on a favorite piece, and the list goes on. When I step into their store there is always a friendly greeting and a caring staff to meet my needs.

I cannot miss an opportunity to mention the specially planned events held often to entertain, and treat their customers who have helped their business grow over the years. These parties are carefully planned events, usually with a theme, and always with the focus on those of us that are invited. What fun we have enjoyed at parties in the past, and now we are looking forward to what will unfold at the Shannon’s July 2014 event.

GREAT JOB SHANNON’S! Thanks to all of you! I, for one, appreciate all you have personally done for me.”

Kathy Kelly Woodward

“I love how the Shannon’s staff always make me feel welcomed and special.

I have brought to Shannon’s many family pieces for restoration and evaluation. Regardless of the monetary value of the piece (more often than not my family jewelry is “costume” quality), I have always been shown the greatest respect for my treasured relics.

Shannon’s restored a vintage ring of my Mother’s and a turn of the century pocket watch from my great Grandmother. Shannon’s also repaired my wedding ring that no longer fit and had a large scratch across the face the center stone (blue sapphire). It looked like the day my husband gave it to me!

I truly trust Shannon’s with my jewelry and know it is always well taken care of. Shannon’s works its magic each and every time!”

Myrna Wansik

“Who can make all your dreams come true? Who can do anything you want them to do? Shannon’s can!!!!! Anything you want done with jewelry can be done by the Shannon’s Fine Jewelry team – they are all about service with a smile and always do anything you want – “no” isn’t a word used in their store. I have the most unique jewelry that they have helped me make, and have ordered diamonds that are a super buy, not found anywhere else. Congrats on 35 years and here’s to “stayin’ alive” for many more!!!”

Charlotte Alexander

“I have several pieces I have purchased from Shannon’s and each has its own story. One of my favorite pieces I purchased were a pair of blue topaz and diamond earrings that I wear often because of their light blue color. They were on consignment, and I only paid $200! This was the lowest price I had ever paid for jewelry, and I’ve never received so many complements on a piece before. I live in Friendswood, which is quite far from Shannon’s, but I found it while visiting a friend in the Woodlands about five years ago. Now each time I go visit her, we have to stop by Shannon’s! All of the sales people are so great. I hope to be there for the celebration on the 26th!”

Bart Folstadt

“It all started with a phone call from a friend… He had just returned from a wedding and would not shut up about how this beautiful girl that he had met was my soul mate. Everything that she said made him think of me. It got to the point that he was looking for the camera crew to jump out and say this was all a joke and he was on candid television. I am a “One of a kind” type of guy and my wife is most definitely “One of a kind”.

I messaged her via Facebook, and after months of waiting, I finally got a reply. We began emailing back and forth. Night after night I looked forward to her letters. I was overseas at the time and our daily communications became the highlight of my time away. We poured our hearts out to each other and fell in love without ever having met. Photos and our daily letters were all it took. She had my heart.

As my time to come home grew near, it was obvious that meeting this marvellous woman was the number one priority on my list. I still to this day don’t always believe that she is real.

Our courting progressed rapidly and everything was beyond magical as we grew closer together. I am not the fairy tale kind of guy, but this was a fairy tale! We met the families; we made weekend getaways and spent every minute that we could together. She actually snuck me into a girls’ weekend out, claiming that it was a mere coincidence that I happened to be at the same concert, out of town and 250 miles from my house. It was a beautiful situation, and that night sealed our fate. She had complete control of her world and fielded her friends’ curve balls with grace and elegance. As the night progressed, I knew that this was the girl that I would marry. At three o’clock that morning, we shared our first kiss and it was the only occasion in my entire life that a kiss gave me goose bumps. That serendipitous moment will live with me forever.

Fast forward 3 months and the planning began. I had this elaborate plan to propose to her but as I worked overseas, no vendors back home would work with me. Helicopter pilots laughed, catering crews asked if I was serious, then they laughed etc. It became obvious that I could not make this happen while I was overseas but I wanted to propose so badly it stung! I got wind that she liked a particular ring and jewellers laughed at me when I explained my circumstances from overseas. Well, I finally got a hold of Debbie, with Shannon Fine Jewelry. After multiple international phone calls, and a plethora of emails, we had the ring picked out. Now all we had to do was have this blasted thing made, get a rock picked out, and have it all ready by my special date. Debbie moved mountains to have the ring rushed through Simon G. She took diamonds out of inventory and reserved several for me and made it all come together with style. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it for the first time, then I realized it was just blinding me with brilliance. This was definitely the ring that belonged on hand of the most beautiful lady in all the land.

Ring in place and 3 days to spare, I had to hustle; and try to keep my plans a secret from a woman who knows everything and no man has ever successfully kept a secret from. The task was immense but I was going to make this happen. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this Princess, and I was going to give her the very best that I could deliver!

The tension between us was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. She dislikes surprises passionately and I would not tell what we were doing Friday night. She is a master interrogator and I skirted through the tortures by the skin of my teeth and my anticipation was stressful enough to cause a receding hairline.

When the black car pulled up in front of the house, I sighed as though the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders; on the other hand, a new anticipation quickly took the place of my anxiety. Off to the airfield we went with nothing but a purse and billfold between us. She was beyond radiant that evening. I’ll never forget the outfit that she wore.

As we flew by the East side of downtown, Rick let us in on the radio chatter between him and the towers, and let us visit a bit. As we neared the beach, I could not contain myself any more. My palms were sweaty, my heart was higher than the helicopter and the rest of my life was a single question away. I informed Rick that I had to know something before he attempted this “guaranteed landing” of his. I looked into the eyes of my Princess and said, “In case this guy crash lands, I won’t die happy unless I know if you will marry me?”

The way that she said yes, the way her voice was full of love and sincere confidence brought tears to my eyes as I slipped the ring on her finger and we shared our first kiss as an engaged couple.

Rick made a smooth landing and we hopped into another black car that took us to the hotel. But I had another surprise up my sleeve. We dropped the purse in our room, and to her surprise, I had all our bathroom essentials (by name brand from our bathroom at home), ready and waiting with changes of clothing and pyjamas to boot.

I escorted her down the balcony staircase and we made our way through the sand dunes on the wooden pathway to the waterfront. As we arrived, an open air tent draped with white curtains awaited. To one side of the tent, our personal chef for the evening sat ready cook. Our meal was accompanied by a sweet white wine that makes my mouth water when I nostalgically recall its taste. The view that I had for the meal was extravagant. My Princess, framed in white curtains in the foreground with a pristine view of the beach, with white caps cresting the blue waves on the as the backdrop was stellar. That image will be etched in my mind for eternity. Her smile and genuine happiness that evening have melted my heart forever.

Here we are a year later and the honey moon is in full swing! In fact, the biggest problem that I have right now is picking out an anniversary gift! Perhaps Debbie has a suggestion?

I love my life and I love my wife! Two things that more men should be able to say, however, I am proud to make the statements in full confidence that these sentiments will echo forever…”

Steve & Debbie Fischer

“In May 2013, my husband and I were visiting our daughter, a member of the US Navy, in Hawaii. Before leaving, we stopped at the Navy Exchange to shop. I went over to the jewelry section and caught sight of a beautiful diamond ring in the A. Jaffe showcase. I quickly asked the sales lady to let me try it on, as my husband gave me the evil eye. As I tried it on, I fell in love with the setting; however, the center diamond was second rate. The store refused to sell the ring except as a whole set and I was unwilling to accept second-best. When I arrived back in Houston, I was able to get a picture of the ring, and using the designer name, I found an authorized dealer, Shannon Fine Jewelry. I thought, “What a great excuse to upgrade my wedding ring since my 35th wedding anniversary would be May 26, 2014.”

In June 2013, I mentioned to a friend of mine what I was trying to do and that I had been to Shannon’s but wasn’t having much luck. She immediately said, “Talk to John! He’ll help you. We go there all the time.” I decided to venture back out, but when I arrived, John was busy but a very nice lady by the name of Debbie Marshall asked if she could help. At first I was discouraged that I would never find the ring until Debbie took such interest and said, “Let’s look online, we have a sales rep from A. Jaffe that might be able to help.” I gave her all the information I had about the ring. The next day, she called and said she had been in contact with A. Jaffe and had sent a picture and information. Within a few days, they sent a picture over but it was not the same ring.

Debbie Marshall, again, went back to A. Jaffe and after speaking to several sales reps, was able to find my dream ring. The bad news was that they had discontinued it. Debbie explained to the sales rep that I was very interested in the ring, and with her charm and persistence, was able to convince the designer to bring out the mold and make another ring.

On several occasions, we met with Debbie after hours to try and find the perfect center stone. We went back and forth, Debbie constantly looking at inventory to help find the perfect stone to complete my dream ring. Finally, Debbie called and said, “I think I have a stone that you will really like.” We went back to Shannon’s and made a decision on our center stone.

In September 2013, the ring had arrived exactly the way we wanted. I was very anxious wondering if this ring would be the same, yet better than I had previously seen in Hawaii. I knew I had better like it or I may not make it to my 35th anniversary. When my husband and I arrived at the store to pick it up, Debbie brought out the ring and I just cried. It was more BEAUTIFUL than the one I had seen in Hawaii. Everything was perfect! We only had one problem, I had this new white gold wedding ring and my husband was still wearing his yellow gold nugget ring. Immediately, I said “Honey, we have to get you a new ring to match mine”. As you probably can tell, he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he agreed to look. Again, we turned to Debbie, who with such patience and enthusiasm was more than happy to move over to the men’s wedding ring case.

Since this was the first place we had actually looked for a man’s wedding band, we looked around and decided to do some comparison shopping. After looking around at other jewelry stores, we found that for the price and quality, Shannon’s was the place to buy. So, in September we both had our new rings.

Thinking we were done, I turned to my husband and said “what shall we do with our old rings? I decided I wanted to break them apart and make each of my three daughters a pendant. He agreed and we both turned to Debbie and said, “Can you please help us once again?”

In December 2013, the pieces were finally complete, each made with a unique setting from our wedding rings from the past 34 years. On Christmas Eve, each of our girls opened up their Shannon’s gift box and were so surprised to see the beautiful piece that was taken from the wedding rings of their parents and made into pendants.

It is because of the dedication, talent and patience of Debbie and Shannon Fine Jewelry that helped make all this possible for me, my husband, and all our girls. Even though it was a little early, in April 2014, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows and had our rings blessed. On May 26, 2014 we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary back in Hawaii.

Thank you Debbie Marshall and Shannon Fine Jewelry, your fine craftsmanship will always be with our whole family!”

Steve & Stacey Sanfilippo

“Steve and I met and went on our first date May 25, 2013. It was an amazing evening that neither of us wanted to end. We couldn’t wait to see each other again. It wasn’t long until we were coming up with every excuse in the book to see each other. Everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly.

At one point I sent Steve a message that said, “Is it just me, or do you feel like this situation just has control of itself and we are just along for the ride!?!” We couldn’t have written a better story than the story we were living.

By the fall, the talk of marriage was already on the table. In October, we decided that we would go look at houses and found a neighbourhood we liked called The Sanctuary. On October 25th, we decided to go look at what they had to offer. There was one semi private lot left in the very back of the neighborhood. It was secluded in a corner and would have reserves built on either side and would be the perfect place for us to build a home.

We had visions of us sitting on a back porch enjoying the night sky together. I decided I wanted to go over there at night so we could figure out if the road noise from Kuykendahl would be too much. When we got to the lot, we stood there a minute and just listened to the sounds of the night and started talking about whether or not we were really going to commit to the lot and the home and move forward with our life together.

All of the sudden, Steve dropped down on one knee and reached for his pocket as he was telling me he wanted to spend his life with me and grow old with me and he opened the ring upside down and asked me to marry him. I immediately slammed the ring box closed because I could see that it was upside down and didn’t want it to fall on the ground. Of course I said YES! I told him, “Oh my goodness, Steve, now we have to build this house right here because you just proposed to me in front of an empty lot!”

We made a toast to us and our wonderful future together and then I quickly said, “Let’s get in the car so I can see my ring!” We jumped in the car, and when I saw my beautiful ring in the light, I was in disbelief. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I then hit him with all of the questions. Where did you get this? How long have you had this? I was in such shock. He told me he had it for a little bit and was just looking for the perfect place to propose to me. As soon as he realized we were going to the lot, he made the decision that was going to be his moment.

So the decision was made! We happily went the next day to sign the papers and make the new home build official. When we walked into the model, we announced to the sales guy that we didn’t have a choice but to sign the papers. Of course, he wanted to know why. I looked at him with the biggest smile and said, “Because we got engaged at the lot last night!” The sales guy screamed in excitement. He thought that was the most awesome thing ever!

We now have quite the romantic reputation in the neighbourhood. I am so proud of my ring. It is something I would never have imagined as being mine. My sweet Steve went to Shannon’s without any knowledge of what my likes or dislikes were and picked the most perfect diamond and placed it in the most perfect setting. Steve and I were married December 28, 2013, just seven short months after our first date. We love our life we’ve built together!”

Kristopher Cline

“I buy my wife a piece of jewelry from Shannon’s on just about every special occasion. My dad says I’ve set a bad precedent.

When I asked her to marry me 2 years ago I bought her engagement ring at Shannon’s, of course. Although, in typical fashion, I waited until the day before our wedding to get our wedding bands. We drove up to Shannon’s, and surprisingly they were closed because they were moving to their new location. My heart sank because I had gone to Shannon’s for everything and didn’t want to change especially for something so important. We went to their new location and found the staff unloading all the jewelry. They said they were closed until they moved in. I explained my situation and they were willing to help. They brought out several boxes of wedding bands for us to look through. We bought 2 bands right out in the back parking lot, which, I believe, makes my wife and I Shannon’s first customers at their new location.

My wife and I appreciate the staff at Shannon’s because they are always kind and helpful, and I always find what I’m looking for.”

Allison Uszler & Michael Rafferty

“It all began the week before I left for Haiti on a one-week mission trip. I went with a team from the church my boyfriend, Michael, is the worship leader at, Covenant United Methodist Church in The Woodlands. My friend asked me, “Do you think he will propose in Haiti?” I said, “No, there is no way anyone would bring a diamond to Haiti on a mission trip. He’d be crazy!” She agreed, and the conversation moved on.

The week in Haiti was wonderful! It was my fourth trip and Michael’s eighth trip, but only our second trip together. Haiti is such a special place and each trip I leave with more passion, more drive, and more of a desire to return very soon. The week was filled with Vacation Bible School for the children and building new pews that transformed into desks for the church, which was also a school. Our other project was to create a safe place for the kids to play in the backyard of the church, while also laying dirt to correct the elevation to better drain the area when it rains. I worked mostly on the backyard and Michael worked mostly on building the pews/desks- so we did not spend much one-on-one time together. It was a week of VBS, working on the projects, and just being a part of the team.

On the last night of our trip, we drove two hours (halfway to the airport) and stayed at a beautiful hotel on the beach. We arrived pretty late in the evening, which allowed for only about one hour of ocean time before our designated time for dinner. As we walked through the lobby on our way down to the beach, I saw a sign advertising boat rides, and I mentioned to Michael that a boat ride sounded fun. We swam for a bit, and then he said, “Hey there’s a boat, we should go for a ride!” I thought it was a sweet suggestion since I had mentioned it earlier (little did I know it was already a part of his plan). We went on a beautiful boat ride down the coast of Haiti. The sun was beginning to set and as my gaze switched between the mountains and the ocean, I sat there simply amazed at the majesty and greatness of God! As our ride was coming to an end, we headed toward a dock and that is when I knew! The dock was decorated so beautifully with rose petals and luminaries and candles. A blanket was laid with his guitar and a bottle of champagne with two glasses sitting next to it. It was absolutely breath-taking! Quite literally- As soon as I saw it I kept repeating, “Oh my gosh! I can’t breathe. Oh my gosh! I can’t breathe.” We sat down on the blanket, Michael picked up his guitar, and he began to play a song he wrote for me. It is the most genuine, heart-felt song expressing how he “loves me all the way” (something we had started saying to each other a few months prior) and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. After he finished singing his beautiful song, he reached into his guitar case, kneeled down on one knee, and wooed me with the sweetest words as he opened the ring box. My eyes widened as they filled with tears and my hand flew to cover my mouth in excitement and disbelief that it was THE ring! The ring from Shannon’s- the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! He asked me if I would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him! I said “YES, YES OF COURSE!” as I nearly tackled him off the dock with the biggest hug. The rest of our team emerged from their hiding places on the beach and let out a roar of claps and joyful cheers. My fiancé and I spent the next hour together on the dock, enjoying the sunset, a glass of champagne, and most of all each other.

It was the most magical moment of my life!— From the beautiful beach in Haiti, to the song he wrote, the romantic dock setting, the most perfect ring, and most importantly getting to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person.”

Carol Redwine

“A big ole green emerald stone, started our life as part of the Shannon Fine Jewelry Family.

You see, spotting fine jewelry runs in our DNA, passed down to the four girls from our mom.

At the time, my sister, Barbara, was a teacher at Kingwood High School and spotted the ring on Gary’s sister, a Principal at Kingwood High School. She casually mentioned we should go visit her brother who owned a jewelry store in the Champions area, Shannon’s, named after his daughter.

14 years later, after many wonderful memories, and even more wonderful purchases, the four sisters tell anyone we see about Shannon’s when they notice the gorgeous jewelry we wear. We have all had rings custom made, earrings re-designed, stones ordered, and personal visits just for that special piece.

Our niece, Katy, wore earrings from Shanon’s for her wedding two years ago that her mom flew in from St. Louis to purchase. Several of my co-workers have purchased anniversary presents for their wives, re-designed their wedding rings, and recently created a custom piece for a cherished diamond for our finance manager. After 35 years of marriage, Shannon’s picked out a ring for a co-workers anniversary present that she refuses to take off because she loves it so much. Several years ago, when it was time for my mom’s jewelry to be passed down to her four girls, Shannon’s appraised all of her pieces, updating several to more modern settings and purchased her gold, which allowed us to put the money right back into other pieces from Shannon’s. We trust Shannon’s 100% to work on our heirloom pieces, design new pieces, order stones, and appraise for insurance purposes to insure their safety. If you are not purchasing from their consignment cases, taking advantage of their expert jewelry advice, lay-a-way, or Wells Fargo Credit, then you are missing out on a huge joy that we have all experienced for the last 14 years!

Thanks for everything you have done for the four sisters!”

Liz Stovall

“Much to our dismay, our 15 year old daughter was enamored with an 18 year old young man. Due to his age & her innocence, this was a forbidden relationship by us but the kid wouldn’t give up. On Valentine’s Day in 2006, he walked in to Shannon Fine Jewelry and asked if he could have a “Shannon” box. He explained that his girlfriend was named Shannon and he was putting something together for Valentines. Without purchasing a thing, he was given the box, bag, brochures, etc. that had Shannon spelled out. He then created a very impressive “Shannon” display for misc. gifts he had bought her. When we asked where he got all those “Shannon” things he said, “Shannon Fine Jewelry on 1960.” I was in the market for a watch and being curious about a jeweler so sympathetic to young love, I went to the store. With their friendly and helpful service, I selected a watch with their SJ logo and it was ordered. This happened to be at a time that they were testing a logo change from SJ to Shannon. The watch came in with the new “Shannon” logo and I was told it could be returned if I preferred the other. I said, “That’s my daughter’s name so it’s fine.” Tragically, she was hit and killed in an auto/pedestrian accident a couple of months later. That watch became a treasure. Many family members and friends have since purchased watches with that “Shannon” logo which they continue to special order for us. We have also had custom diamond heart earrings and a diamond flip flop pendant made in her memory. Family members have had antique rings and watches refurbished. Your show of compassion for young love made lifetime customers of many of our family & friends. Thank you for your compassion, your quality workmanship, impeccable service, your generosity in all that you do for our community & your support through these years. By the way, we grew to love that young man dearly but he was STILL too old for our Daughter. Congratulations on this anniversary and may you have many more!”

Bill & Pat Wampler

“You know, I love to see the sparkle in my wife’s eyes when we enter Shannon Fine Jewelry. She carefully grazes over the counters of beautiful diamonds, rubies, topazes, gold and platinum. This isn’t her story, though. It’s mine.

I’m the husband. I’m skeptical. I’m economical (tight with a nickel). On my most recent visit to Shannon’s, I brought two “priceless” rings to be sized. They were inherited from my stepfather who died suddenly in a terrible accident one year ago. I’d wanted to wear them immediately, but he was a tall, sturdy man, and the gorgeous rings were far too large for me.

I had scouted other jewelry stores, but I simply didn’t feel comfortable with them. Some wanted me to leave the rings for more than 3 weeks to size them, others wanted extremely expensive prices to do the work, and some, sadly, mishandled the rings while inspecting them.

Move forward a year to a serendipitous meeting with Claude and Debra Deshazo of Shannon Fine Jewelry. They were tender in their understanding of the value of my rings. They assured me that they could size the rings. They could do it within 3 days. THREE days… it was ready July 3, the day before the fourth of July holiday.

And then they said something that I thought was interesting: “You won’t recognize them when you get them back.” I thought that meant that they would be sized perfectly, professionally. But I was wrong.

When my wife and I picked up the rings, the salesperson carefully unfolded them from protective wrappings and placed them on my fingers. My jaw dropped to the floor, I swear. Not only did they size my rings in such a short period. (They fit perfectly, and I had a brief overwhelming rush of emotions.) But also, they shined. Maybe shine is the wrong word: dazzled, twinkled, sparkled… diamonds glittering, reflecting all over the walls. The gold of the rings were fresh and exciting, sending angular reflections all about the counter. And when I turned to my wife to express my delight, I saw the reflections of the diamonds mirror in her twinkling eyes. Again, overwhelmed, I kissed her, took her out for dinner and margaritas, and sat marveling the amazing transformation of my rings by Shannon Fine Jewelry.

We’ll visit soon and often to Shannon’s because the array of beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and pins will work perfectly for all of our birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, especially Christmas! Shannon’s cases actually GLOW. The jewelry is so beautiful! And so is my wife!”

Deri Adair

“Approximately 10+ years ago, my husband visited Shannon Fine Jewelry to purchase an engagement ring for me. I told him I would not go ring shopping with him, but gave him an idea of what I was wanting. He went in and talked to one of the gentlemen there who helped him design my engagement ring.

My idea had been to have a solitaire in the middle with his birthstone on one side and mine on the other. What they put together was even more beautiful than I had imagined; there was a solitaire in the middle, my birthstone on either side of the solitaire and his birthstone on either side of mine. I have seen a lot of pretty engagement rings, but in my mind, none is prettier than mine simply because of the time that my husband took working with Shannon Fine Jewelry to design the perfect one. It is the most precious piece of jewelry that I own!

Thank you Shannon Fine Jewelry, for not only helping my husband design this ring, but also for creating a lifetime memory that I will forever cherish!”