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Back in the day, men’s wedding bands were pretty simple and straightforward. For the most part, the only choice available to most grooms was a band made of yellow gold. Some may have received rings that sported decorative features such as a gemstone. Nowadays, however, men have a variety of wedding ring options. Whether it’s simple or ornate, heavy or lightweight, a man can choose the wedding ring that suits him best.

Wedding Ring Options

One of the more popular men’s options is a 14K white gold band. Grooms-to-be gravitate to this ring due to its modern yet classic feel. Its blend of white and rose gold is particularly suited to men looking for a ring that’s elegant without being too flashy.

For those who favor a more bold design, consider this two-toned wedding band that blends brushed white gold with dramatic rose gold inserts. This ring is the perfect fit—figuratively and literally—for grooms that want a more contemporary style.

Last but certainly not least, this 18K two-toned ring offers another unique take on the men’s wedding band. In addition to rose gold accents, the ring sports 13 ctw round white diamonds that prove diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore.

While we highlight three distinct wedding ring options, this by no means captures the full extent of our collection. As a family owned and operated jeweler in the Houston area since 1979, Shannon Fine Jewelry has seen trends in men’s jewelry and wedding rings come and go. We also appreciate the history of men’s wedding rings, which is surprisingly more recent than you may think.

History of Men’s Wedding Rings

The concept of a married woman wearing her wedding ring dates back 6,000 years ago to the time of the ancient Egyptians. As opposed to the silver and gold bands we’re used to today, the wedding rings brides wore were made of braided hemp or reeds. The circular shape of the ring symbolized eternity, and more specifically the eternal love between bride and groom. Western civilizations in ancient Rome and Greece also adopted the custom, while later European traditions shaped the wedding ceremony as we know it today.

From then onwards, wives traditionally wore their wedding rings. For males, however, the wedding ring is a relatively recent development. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid 20th Century that men’s wedding rings made their first appearance. So what exactly prompted the change? It occurred during World War II when soldiers wore wedding rings in order to remember the women they left behind on the homefront. When those soldiers made it back home, the wartime tradition somehow stuck and became a part of American (as well as global) culture.

In summation, we sport an impressive selection of men’s wedding bands that can satisfy even the most discerning consumer. Each ring has been carefully chosen by our jewelry store experts to represent the finest, most durable and most comfortable men’s rings available. Stop by our conveniently located Houston store to peruse our rings in person or to have your ring sized.