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“Hi guys! Olivia here. I’m so excited to be blogging for the Shannon’s website! I’ve been given free range concerning topics over what I want to blog about, so for my first blog I’ve decided to talk about one of my favorite lines in our store, Hera! Hera is a unique, stylish line that is great for daily wear, as well as statement pieces. I’ve found that as a shopper on a budget (a broke college student budget at that) my eyes automatically move to the most expensive pieces, and when I see a price tag way over my budget, I get so discouraged that I usually run to Charming Charlie’s and buy plastic jewelry that has little longevity in style and wear.

When I started working at Shannon’s at our Woodlands location, I began to learn a lot more about jewelry and how it is valued and priced. Because Hera is a sterling silver line, it carries a great price point but doesn’t lack in style or longevity! When people come in store searching for stylish pieces at a reasonable price, I 10/10 recommend Hera! This line has all the designer pieces you want at a price you can afford. Hera’s designs mesh silver, 18 karat gold textures and natural gemstones together into beautiful, timeless pieces. My personal favorite are the stackables which make great gifts and are easy to add on to year after year. There are countless ways to mix, match and stack fun dainty rings, as well as bangles and necklaces! Since this particular line is intended for layering, you can find a whole year’s worth of gifts for every special occasion that will leave your woman happy and your wallet even happier.

Aside from the jewelry, Hera, the lead designer herself, inspires me as in individual. She is a successful entrepreneur who brings originality and soul to her designs. Hera is a remarkable woman who truly demonstrates triumph and her ability to “live life” as her company slogan portrays.

I love every piece in her collection, and more than that, I love TRYING ON every piece in her collection. To give you a better visual, I decided it would be fun to mix and match some pieces and have my beautiful best friend, Natalie, model some looks I put together!

I love Hera because the styles range from light, colorful and dainty to dark, edgy and sophisticated and everything in between!

Natalie prefers the edgy look and absolutely rocks it. Stackable bracelets, layered necklaces, statement rings and matching earrings, hello!! She looks fabulous and Hera absolutely enhances this look. LOVE IT

I personally prefer the dainty, light-colored look. I love these stackable bangles and rings, gemstone necklace, stud earrings and of course a fun statement ring to tie the look together! These pieces are great for everyday wear and are extra fun when adding big statement pieces. This look is fantastic for the everyday woman.

The natural look is so in and I am in LOVE with this set inspired by nature! The Liana Collection features vine-like looks and pairs perfectly with the matching necklaces and earrings.”